Saturday, 30 April 2011

Crystal, The Royal Wedding and happy memories

Hi, I'd like you to meet Crystal-tips, on the 21st June 1982 she married Jimmy boy, a toy monkey. This date was also the wedding day of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I have such happy memories of that day, the window decorated in red, white and blue, cake decorated with silver balls and watching the wedding on TV with our neighbour. I was seven years old.
Well, Crystal has lost an arm along the way and Jimmy boy is long gone, yet the memories of that special day remain clear.
 Our wedding preparations started this week with cards been sent to Clarence house for Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Imogen's Hello Kitty card.
 Jemima's 3D card
 Reuben & Rosanna's colourful cards
 I then did an internet search for kids activities linked to the royal wedding. We've had a busy week doing invitations, a royal family tree and a fantastic time line, you had to sort events from the birth of Kate and William, through their lives to their wedding day. The maths activities involved helping the Lord Chamberlain plan the Royal wedding, the problems involved, costings for the meal, size of the dance floor, staff numbers etc.
Here's our royal wedding wall.
 On the day Imogen and Jemima were in their bedroom, giggling happily and singing the wedding march. They had prepared Barbie and Ken for the Royal wedding, and in front of millions they got hitched!
 Doesn't Kate look stunning
After watching the wedding service, we had a wedding cake cut by Geoff & Mima, and sealed with a kiss!
 And toasted with Ribena
 We then needed to get out and do something and a walk around Wentworth castle gardens was ideal.  It even looks a little bit like Buckingham Palace!  Well it's a big house anyway.
 The collection of Rhododendrons is spectacular. The girls love to eat to the nectar, I can't recommend it as safe, but the girls have never been ill and they love the sweet taste.
 Deep pink is my favourite.
 View across Barnsley
Lady Lucy walk, what a great natural aisle.
Lady Lucy lived in the castle and fell in love with a gardener, she couldn't marry him and died of a broken heart :(
The garden air was heavy with floral scents.

 Later I dug out our wedding photos from the attic.  We've been married almost 12 years and they have never been put in an album. I found them in various envelopes and boxes. The girls loved hearing about our day.
 And here we are almost 12 years ago

Hope you had a great day yesterday and have created many beautiful memories to last a life time.


  1. Oh this is such a wonderful post. I didn't know anything about the royal wedding except for facebook and my husband. I didn't bother to TiVo it like so many others. But I liked reading about it via your post!

    -Mandy @

  2. this is so cool, I love everything about this post :-)



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