Monday, 11 April 2011

Lego cities and Outer Space.

We've not had lego out for ages, so I decided to put some out, the next thing I know we have a complete city out of lego.

Imogen has written a more interesting description of the lego city, on her blog

I suggested to the girls that they could make posters advertising the city. We discussed essential things that would need to go on the posters, e.g. what was there, where it was.
mmm, now let me see, is it stories or storeys?!?

The finished posters, anyone fancy organising a home ed visit there?

I set out the tent for Reuben and Rosanna to play in, I imagined they'd play a nice game of camping, setting up picnics with the play food etc etc.

But no-one wanted to camp. Instead a trip to Outer Space was planned. Reuben's friend came round to play, he'd recently visited the space center, so soon they were making rockets. They each had a banana box, which the covered in tin foil and decorated. P told Reuben that a dog had been sent into space, so they began taking different toy animals with them on their voyages.
A couple of days later the rocket came back out, a quick repair job with tin foil and it was ready for the final details.
Decorating the rocket with go faster buttons and powerful booster functions!
Rosanna added the essential CD player for long distance space journeys.
Now, which CD shall we play?
A pig and Tiger also went into outer space.
This is how I found the telephone! I'm still waiting for a phone call from ET!!


  1. Aaw... bless em! Love the bit about 18 storeys of shoppers heaven! You can't beat a bit of tin foil and glue stick.

    Sorry to hear about the sad demise of Lady Gaga. We lost Geraldine last year, one of our first hens, I couldn't believe how upset we all were!

  2. Stumbled upon your lovely blog today. We are big Lego fans too! My son built a lot of sets over the past few months while he was battling leukemia. They were so therapeutic. I'll be back soon!

  3. Hi
    Glad you have enjoyed the lego city, it's still standing a bit wobbly, but still there. The girls are planning a grand demolition, but I keep putting them off! One more day of Lego city, please!!!!

  4. Lego is very popular in our house as well as space flying. Your kids are very creative. Visiting from PlayTime.



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