Thursday 7 March 2013

Story in a jar

For world book day, we went to a workshop and made a story in a jar.
 The story we used was Alice In Wonderland.
We were inspired by the book,

 the Mad Hatter's tea party,


 and outfits.

 We started with a glass jar and an egg, a rare dragons egg.
Reuben could hear the baby dragon's heartbeat.

Next we drew three pictures and wrote three words connected to the story.
This was later used as a planner for the Alice in wonderland jar.
We also drew a picture of the dragon which had laid the egg.

 Busy at work!

  We took a word from the story and cut out the letters from books and newspapers. We chose the word, White Rabbit. We then looked for phrases or words within the books, magazines and newspapers which fitted with the story of Alice In Wonderland.

 We wrote an abridged version of Alice In wonderland, to go into the jar.

 Table monitor!

 Imogen focused more on words than decorations,

 and I focused more on decorations!

 Inside the Alice in wonderland jar.

 Jemima incorporated the egg into the Alice theme, the egg is wearing the crown, as it has become the Queen of Hearts turtle's egg.

The crazy world of Alice In Wonderland.

 Reuben's jar has got a ribbon. 
He decided it had to be anchored down, so it doesn't float away.

Show and tell time, Rosanna went first.

 Followed by Reuben.

Today brought back memories from our visit to Weston park museum and the Mad Hatters tea party.

I feel inspired to do more 'stories in a jar', I think we'll start with an Easter jar, in fact we could have a jar for every season. 
Christmas in a jar, I can already hear Michael Buble!


  1. I havent seen Emma Clark's retelling.. i will look out for it. The cover looks pretty interesting! And I love the story in the jar idea. Its very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun idea, great craft to go along with story time, love the idea of story in a jar! :)

  3. Such a fun idea - thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! I used to teach first grade, and I love any kind of activity that involves reading. My three little boys would love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Looks like a fun activity for everyone, all ages!

  6. This is such a cute idea! Please cosider sharing it with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!

  7. How fantastic! I just this Xx

  8. What a super, fun idea - this would be a great activity in a classroom. Thanks for participating this week :) I've pinned it!

  9. That is a wonderful idea! I think any child would want to join in this memorable, fun activity. I love that it involves the children's creativity in coming up with the contents of the jar.

  10. I'm a little lost for words. So beautiful.
    I'm also thinking about other 'story in a jar' ideas.
    Maybe you could link this up to The Children's Bookshelf on Monday.

  11. What a cool idea! This would help the kids so much in reading comprehension, not to mention it is just plain old fun! Thank you so much for sharing on We Made That!

  12. How fun! My daughter LOVES Alice in Wonderland. We haven't read this book. I will have to check the library to see if we have it. Great post!

  13. That is a darling idea!! Thanks so much for linking up to Share It Saturday this past week. Hope to see you back again!

  14. Ooh! That looks like a lot of fun!!!
    Congrats! I will be featuring you at Wednesday's Super Link Party!
    I hope you come check it out!
    If you have a blog button, I'd love to display it under Featured Guests, on my sidebar, for the week. Just send me the html. :-)

  15. what a lovely idea for helping a child to pick out key points in a story and work on reading comprehension! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Looks like you all had great fun!

  17. What a fun idea! It looks like a good time for everyone.

  18. Great photos and such a creative and fun activity ~ Wow! ~ Enjoy ^_^

  19. great fun! I want a story in a jar!!

  20. What a brilliant idea fora no,leer child

  21. I love this idea! What a creative way to de-construct and reconstruct a story - making it way more fun than just reading it straight through, but making it more fun to read the next time!

  22. How very interesting. Looks like a huge fun! I love it.

  23. Such fun! I love to see crafty people in action! This is a great story telling method! Wonderful post! Happy weekend!

  24. I might have to Steal this idea...

    It Seems like a wonderful way to Share Some Special Stories...

    Super post for the letter S...

    Thanks for linking.


  25. I love this way of bringing a book to life. What a lovely way to remember your favourite story.

    I've featured it this week on The Sunday Showcase:

  26. What a creative way to celebrate a favorite story! Love the work that went into selecting the items for the jar and then giving each child a chance to share their work. This could be a create addition to our book club activities - thanks for sharing!
    So happy we found your work through HHH.

  27. I'm not familiar with this version of the classic. The cover looks inviting! The story jars look like such a fun and creative way to develop comprehension and story retelling.



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