Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ten acre Easter egg hunt, dandelion salad & Easter crafts.

 I love driving through Penine Yorkshire, the scenery is so beautiful and the little old mill towns have a cosy old fashioned feel. It was particulary nice to drive to our friends ten acre small holding on Thursday where they were having an Easter egg hunt.
 On their small holding they keep sheep, horses and sometimes pigs.
 We arrived late, so the kids didn't get to find so many eggs, but they got plenty and had a great time exploring.
 A proper egg hunt with real baby lambs in the fields.
 Reuben and Rosie-anna enjoying the tyre swing.
 My 44 year old husband climbing a tree.
 We really didn't see much of Immy and Jemima they were off playing in Holly Hide. After a long play, we set off home in the hot sun.
Our first barbeque of the year.
 To accompany the barbeque, we made a Dandelion salad.  It consisted of flowers, flower heads and leaves. The flowers were delicious, but I didn't realise that you should remove the stalk when eating the leaf. YUK! They are so bitter and sour.
 We had an egg hunt in the garden. Last year we were in our old house, which had a small lawn and the Easter egg hunt was pretty easy. This year it was more tricky!

While the kids enjoyed their eggs, we made a fire and burnt the brambles.
 The children have been to a few Easter craft sessions at the library and the local RSPB reserve. Here the girls are dying eggs - we used vinegar and food colouring tablets.
 and then decorated them with stickers.
 Here are the other Easter crafts made by Imogen, Jemima, Reuben and Rosanna:

Lego Easter bunny with moveable legs, and a lego flower arrangement.
An Easter basket made by Rosanna at the library craft session. On the way out, I proudly said to the librarian, look what Rosanna has made. She took one look and said I'll give you another one to make at home!!!
Looking at the photo, I suppose it's an Easter basket only a mother could love, and I certainly do!

Happy Easter, have a wonderful weekend!

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