Wednesday, 6 April 2011

We are not at School!

Last week we had more time at home, which we were all pleased about. Although we love being out and about, and we love to see our friends, last week we just loved chilling at home. In the past couple of weeks we have had so many workmen in the house, so we loved having the house to ourselves and doing our own thing.
On Monday I gave the girls some Literacy, Numeracy and French work to get on with, and they got with it and finished it. So I thought I do the same again on Tuesday, I didn't get the same response as Monday, the girls looked at me, with that look, and said, "we're not at school, you know!"
and so instead they...
read and went to the library.
Played games together. Immy is on a forfeit, so she had to keep her eyes closed until the next go!

Immy made a mosaic pot.
Jemima made a 3d picnic.
After his tomato soup, Reuben wanted to make buns for pudding.

Reuben's fire engine bun, I love the tasty siren, we ate so many jelly diamonds that day.

The finished buns, we made 30 in total, just enough for us and friends!

The children really enjoyed getting out in the sun and even had their first water fight of the year!

Rosanna loves writing and colouring, we just have to keep an eye on her, to check she is still writing on the paper and not on the walls.
Playing with the farm was still very popular,
and we were even lucky enough to find some chocolate eggs in the hen house.

Jemima found this brilliant DK farm sticker book, it has loads of information and history about farming.
Walking in Wombwell woods.
Shoots of Spring through mouldy earth.
Geoff showed the children how to strip kindling from Silver Birch bark. It's an excellent fire lighter: it even lights when wet. We are collecting it from a dead tree, and would never collect it from a live tree.
The tree was completely rotted inside.

Every week is different when you are home educating, I wonder what will be doing in the following weeks...

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