Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mother's Day -Take Two!

Mother's Day started well, breakfast in bed, some flowers picked from the garden and home made gifts, perfect. Before going off to Brodsworth hall, we just needed to pop into town to get buy a rug. A gentle tug on Rosanna's hand and she was in agony, unable to move her arm. This was followed up by a two and a half hour trip to A&E. After x-rays and examinantion, we found out her elbow had popped out of the socket, it had already started to go back in when we finally got to see some the doctor. One final manipulation and the arm was back in full working order. We were both too tired for any more Mother's day celebrations. So the picnic to Brodsworth Hall was put on hold.
Her's what English heritage has to say about it:

Time really does stand still at Brodsworth Hall, one of the most unusual visitor attractions in South Yorkshire.

Inside this beautiful Victorian country house almost everything has been left exactly as it was when it was still a family home. Possessions that took more than 130 years to gather together, from the grandest piece of furniture to family mementoes and humble domestic items, are still in their original places.

Meanwhile the beautiful grounds, a collection of grand gardens in miniature, have been restored to their full Victorian splendour, and feature a colourful array of seasonal displays.

With its new children’s play area, Brodsworth Hall is the ideal choice for a family day out in Doncaster.

The weather has been perfect this weekend, so off we went with our picnic to Brodsworth.
Mima read the map and guided us around the gardens.
Geoff took Reuben and Rosanna to the upstairs rooms where there are lots of toys linked to the history of the house. This left Me and the girls with lots of time to look around the house and ask questions. The thing that is so magical about Brodsworth hall, is that you see it how it was lived in until 1988. So there are expensive ornaments and seaside trinkets side-by-side!
We tried to spot all the modern items around the house. I was really impressed with the questions the girls asked and the things they spotted. In the bedroom they spotted some French magazines, they asked about them and found out they were the fashionable magazine of the 1960's.

Make your self at home Rosie!

The playground is linked to the hobbies of the family that lived at Brodsworth, so lots of boat and horse equipment to try out.
Off to explore the grounds
The gardens are spectacular.
The formal gardens, with little fences to keep out rabbits and little people!
A refreshing cool down from the fountain.
View from the house, across the lawns.

We had a wonderful day out, I'm looking forward to returning when the bluebells are out.


  1. Brodsworth Hall looks like a wonderful place to spend the day - I'm pleased you all enjoyed it.
    Poor Rosanna - sounds very painful - A&E visits are no fun at all S X

  2. Brodsworth Hall is an amazing place, we really did have a good day.
    Rosanna's arm is better now, but I do feel nervous when I go to take her hand.



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