Saturday, 23 April 2011

Garden Gate

If someone really wants to break into our big garden they wouldn't have too much problem no matter what we do.  However, we want to make it at least look private and put off any opportunists - like those who went in one afternoon and took up several dozen rope top terra cotta edging tiles and piled them up by the greenhouse.  Luckily I spotted the neat pile a little later so when the thieves came back with a wheelbarrow in the early hours of pouring rain they were disappointed.  (Ha Ha!)  We also want to know that little children stay in the garden when we take them there and don't escape.

So, I set to work and then Jemima, always practically minded and keen to get stuck in to any DIY, came out to the garage to help me.

Power Girl!

And here is the finished gate.

Now we need to do a bit more fencing so people can't just walk round the post.

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