Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nature Reserve, new floors and 44th birthday celebrations.

Wednesday 6th April was Geoff's 44th birthday. Maybe birthday are less exciting the older you get, he stayed at home for new flooring to be laid in the bathroom and conservatory. But then he did get to spend the rest of the day in the garden. Here he is wearing a badge that Imogen knitted for him.
Rosanna wearing a cardigan that was crochet for Imogen. It has been worn by both Immy and then Mima, and I have never sewn buttons on it. Rosebud was very cross when she couldn't have it fastened.
First Wednesday of the month we have a home ed meeting at a local nature reserve, well at the moment we do!
Due to Government cuts we don't know how much longer this group will continue :(
In the morning session we had to look for signs of animal presence/activity.
Off in the woods to look for burrows and other signs.
The girls finds included worm casts, chewed hazelnuts and cherry stones, burrows, footprints, fur.
Identifying footprints, probably rabbits.
Reuben was very excited when he spotted Hairy Maclary's footprints in the mud.
The girls were very pleased to find this owl pellet with their friends.

After lunch, we went on a litter pick.

Trying to fish a traffic cone out of the lake.
Reuben joining in the litter pick.
Collecting empty bottles and cans from the bushes.

Then time to go home and enjoy Geoff's birthday, I think he'd had enough free time!

I love this photo of Immy and Reuben, they look so alike.
Chinese take away for tea, followed by birthday cake.
Then off for a birthday walk
And then on the way home, Reuben spotted a dinosuar in the sky!

Hairy Maclary footprints, an owl pellet, dinosaurs in the sky, what a fantastic day!


  1. Looks like Geoff had a fab birthday! I love hairy mclairys footprints and the dinosaur in the sky. Rosebud looks gorgeous in the Cardigan too. Zoe X

  2. Just catching up with everyones blog posts - looks like Geoff had a great Birthday how clever of Imogen to knit him a Birthday Badge :-)
    Looks like home ed group was fun too S X

  3. Hi,
    Thanks, I think Geoff had a good birthday.

    The home ed group is fantastic, fingers crossed it will continue.

    Bec x

  4. Yep - a lovely birthday thanks!



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