Sunday, 17 April 2011

Customers rights, celebrity shortbread & cycling

Jemima came downstairs looking very cross with the pen she had bought in the Christmas sales, it had broken, "I'm going to take it back, I've got the receipt". So the next day we went to Meadowhall, on our way to Western Park Museum, and she took the pen back. The staff in the shop were brilliant with her. The best bit for me, was when she had to fill in the return form and sign her signature. She signed her name in the most beautiful, swirly, curly writing!

We then got to decorate Easter biscuits.
So many toppings, Rosanna decided to sample some before carefully choosing which ones to add to her biscuit!
Yep, smarties will do fine!
The biscuit decoration was to promote one of the contestants on master chef, she is also on a TV chef too. Although I'd not seen any of the programmes, we really enjoyed the decorating the shortbread.
Immy and Mima were soooo pleased to pick up the Metro on the tram. Geoff gets it for them everyday and they read it after tea, but they got it early, and fresh too!
Western Park museum currently has a sports exhibition, the museum is great for children with lots of hands on activities. We met up with some home ed families to explore the museum.
Virtual cycling, you get to cycle through a lovely park.

Testing your reactions. And I WON Geoff, only by one, but still a victory!!!
Story time in the igloo.
The weather was so nice, we had to have trip to the park.
Mima outside The University of Sheffield. I studied genetics and microbiology here 1992-1995. It felt really weird walking down Western Bank, groups of students chatting, having fun, hanging out.,that was me 15 years ago, the surroundings were unchanged, but the students had obviously changed.
Geoff is now a student at Sheffield University, in his 2nd year of a pHD.
Western Park
Geoff came to meet us after he finished at uni. Time for coffee.
Hot choc for Immy
Me and my lovely boy enjoying hot chocolate and latte.


  1. You only beat me because the kids were getting in my way and I should have made the cycling leader board but that bike was fixed to be much slower!

  2. Well done Jemima for sorting the broken pen out - pleased to here you now have a replacement one :-)

  3. well done mima for sorting out the pen.
    those shortbread biscuits look yummy

  4. What beautiful children...loved this post, especially the picture of you with that look of joy on your face.



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