Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Onomatopoeia in Gotham City

We decorated the conservatory with Gotham City for Reuben's birthday.

 Today we made a few more super heroes for the city.

Then I cut out some spiky shapes for the children to write sound words related to the sounds that you would hear in Gotham city.
Onomatopoeia -The use of words that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

ker-pow, ker-wiz!

Sounds that begin with cl usually indicate a collision between glass or metal, clang, clatter, clink, clank.
Words that end in -ng are sounds that resonate,
bang, clang, ding.
Words that begin with th usually describe dull sounds,
thud, thump.

Fwoosh, whoosh, whizz, whirrr
The sound of the batwing helicopter hovering.

 A very noisy Gotham City!

"Onomatopoeia every time I see ya
My senses tell me hubba
And I just can't disagree.
I get a feeling in my heart that I can't describe. . .

It's sort of whack, whir, wheeze, whine
Sputter, splat, squirt, scrape
Clink, clank, clunk, clatter
Crash, bang, beep, buzz
Ring, rip, roar, retch
Twang, toot, tinkle, thud
Pop, plop, plunk, pow
Snort, snuck, sniff, smack
Screech, splash, squish, squeak
Jingle, rattle, squeal, boing
Honk, hoot, hack, belch."
by Todd Rundgren


  1. Onomatopoeia - one of my favorite literary devices to teach when I was a teacher. Love the Todd Rungren poem. This would be a great project for any classroom.

  2. That looks so cute

    New follower from I love my post




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