Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fourty eight hours of much needed sunshine...

Since the clocks changed we've tried to get out for a walk most days, 
even though some of the days it has been very cold. 
The sunshine at the weekend was not to be wasted.

 We started with a walk, setting off from our house, we walked to the canal.

 Having our first chippy picnic of the year.

 Great excitement- a real life ugly duckling. 

Reuben and Rosanna love the ugly duckling since seeing the story on cbeebies. The Northern ballet company are touring the country with the show, sadly the shows near us are sold out, but we may try and catch the show later in the year. There are also some great resources to go with the ugly duckling story on the bbc website.
 On we walked to the country park.

 smart walking attire

 time to play by the stream

 The orange colouration on the rocks is from the old mines.

 On to the reservoir

Feeding time for the owls at Wigfield farm.

 Back home for birthday cake.

 Sunday we were brave and ventured into the garden to tackle the weeds.

 These are flower beds, there is no lawned areas in the garden, 
but this doesn't stop weedy grass sprouting up everywhere.


 This year we are putting down weed guard to divide the vegetable beds.

Rosanna and Geoff plant some plodders (broad beans).

 Finished off with a bonfire and a tub of Ben & Jerry phish food ice cream.
Looking forward to more Sunny days.


  1. Here from the blog hop! Send some sunshine this way please! Loving your photos...

  2. Perfect ways to spend family time. Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from the blog hop; stop by and see me at

  3. It looks like you had a lovely day! I bet you're out enjoying the sunshine now, too! You have lots of nice walking places near you; we are lucky in that way too. How exciting that we now have a good few months of spring and summer ahead of us to enjoy it - yay!
    Lucinda (been meaning to say hello for ages - since you posted your snow/kitchen refit photos in fact - I felt for you then!)



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