Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dancing in the kitchen...

We always have a favourite song of the moment, a song that we sing at the top of our voices and do wild dance moves to. When the first few lines are played the kids appear and a few minutes of anything goes.

Recently Jessie J price tag came on the radio, that was one our old favourites that's now passed and I realised we'd almost forgotten. So from now on I'm going to try and keep track of our favourite tunes.
At the moment we've got two clear favourites, Bruno Mars - When I was your man and...

As usual we only know one line of Mr B's song!

What are you dancing to at the moment? We' love it if you'd leave a comment or post the song on your blog and we'll come and listen.
Let's get the world dancing!


  1. I haven't heard that song before, it's not too bad :) I posted some songs yesterday and linked them up for Sunday Session.

  2. We love Jessie J!! I love Mr B!! Our latest song choices are from the kmart and 2dayfm ads, not sure of their names!!

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