Thursday, 21 July 2011

New baby doll

Today Jemima and her friend made this baby doll. They cut it out and sewed it together while me and Zoe drank endless cups of tea and chatted about anything and everything.
The girls came through to show us the doll. It's for the hospital they are going to run when they are older. Half of the hospital will be for dolls the other half for babies who's Mum's are in a coma! This is inspired by the book Jemima is reading at the moment - Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson.

We had a great day of playing, but seven hours of play was still not enough!


  1. It was lovely though! And great to catch up. I love the doll too! Zoe x

  2. cute doll What an imagination with the mums being in a coma funny

  3. I love it when the children incorporate what they're reading and learning into their play! That's the best affirmation that not only are they having fun, but continuing their learning! Yay!

  4. woW! A young Martha Stewart in the making! (lol)

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your daughter is such a sweetheart. I guess, because I had three sons ( all now adults ), I always love looking at the lucky mothers who have female children!! Not that my boys aren't wonderful...they just never wanted to make dolls!
    My Alphabe Thursday is at:

    Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  6. What a neat picture! I love that children are taking up hand crafts again! What a refreshing and nifty change to see kids doing something more then spending their days entranced in electronics!

    Thanks for sharing this smile.

    I really enjoyed visiting here today.


  7. Her hospital sounds like a great idea! The doll is so cute.

  8. She's gorgeous, and I love her sweet doll. Creative and a great imagination.. that's a great combination!

  9. How sweet! I used to want to make a doll or stuffed animal but....alas....I gave up on sewing. I will oil paint instead...



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