Friday, 8 July 2011

The Long arm of the Law

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a police workshop for home educators. It was held at Barnsley football club grounds.
The morning started with a general talk about the role of police and then there were demonstrations and vehicles to look around.
Demonstration from the dog police dog handlers

We also saw a drug sniffer dog at work. The children were allowed to stroke the sniffer dog, but not the retrieval dog. By the sound of his bark, I don't think anyone would have wanted too anyway!
Next came a talk from the mounted police section. Jemima really enjoyed listening to the WPC. She was so inspiring, very quiet and gentle, but when it came to giving commands or shouting at the mock criminal, she was so assertive.
We sawthat two police officers cannot move a crowd if they are on foot, but on horse back they can do it with ease.

Police horses have to be so calm. At demonstrations, they may get bricks or fireworks thrown at them, as well as getting kicked and punched.

We even got to look in the Mayor's car

Taking a look in the riot van

Locked in the riot van.
I hope this is the only experience the girls get of being in a riot van!

Right we know what we are doing now, let's solve a crime.

Outfits and gloves so they don't contaminate the crime scene.

What a cute forensic investigator!

Looking for clues and making notes.

Crime solved just in time for the surprise of the afternoon...

a trip around Barnsley Football Club grounds.

We were taken round each stand and told out about the history, cost and capacity.

The managers dug out

Down the tunnel to the dressing room.

The spot where the managers are interviewed after the game.
"It was a game of two halves", said Imogen.

rubbing oils

and for any rival teams, here is Barnsley's tactic's board!

Happy home-edding


  1. What a wonderful experience for young people! When I was young, our favorite field trip was to the fire station! Great photos!!!

  2. This must have been very interesting. I too hope that that is the only time your children will find themselves inside a riot van!! Those poor horses must have quite an experience when on duty controlling crowds.

  3. What a great outing/experience! :)

  4. What a fabulous field trip! I love reading about all these experiences. What a rich education experience for all.

    Thanks for linking up this week so we could enjoy it, too.


  5. I am trying to decide if I should show this to my 4 yr old if he'll get wild with jealousy. What a fun day.

  6. What a great fieldtrip my son would have loved seeing all the police animals and my daughter would have loved solving a crime:) Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop")



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