Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Little Black Dress

Last year, me and the girls went to an exhibition of Viviene Westwood shoes. This sparked an interest in fashion design. So when the little black dress exhibition came to the civic in Barnsley we were all eager to visit. Would there be a Viviene Westwood dress?

Historically black dresses were considered to be the province of widows, women who had been married, who had had sexual encounters but were now unavailable. Black therefore was a very alluring symbol in this instance, suggesting sex and unavailability simultaneously.

After the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's observance of mourning dress set the cultural norm. The exhibition showcased black dresses from the 20's up to the present day, from designers and local fashion students.

dress from the 1930's


From fashion designers
and yes there was a dress by Vivenne Westwood.

dresses from student's

I love this 3D geometric design

Not sure if I'd want to wear this motorbike helmet!

There was also a screening of Breakfast at Tiffanys, which Jemima and Reuben watched.

Imogen and Jemima are really into fashion design. The top model range of design books are very good, they come with stencils, stickers and patterned paper. There are also tips on the website about how to create different looks.

One of the designs and a dress they made for a 'My scene' doll.

My fashionistas!


  1. Ah! What gifted daughters you have!! I haven't worn a little black dress since we have lived in Tucson, an extremely casual town. I do own a pair of "little black golf shorts" however.

  2. Your second to last picture "One of the designs and a dress they made for a 'My scene' doll" did not load for me not sure if it is my computer or your blog. Great pictures I love the dress from the '40's

  3. What sweeties. I remember spending hours designing ensembles - as my mother called them - for my paper dolls.

  4. I was unable to see the picture of the dress you made. But I liked your post!~Ames

  5. I was also unable to see the picture of the dress you made. Your daughters are adorable. I love the light in their eyes.

    What a fun post! I don't even OWN a little black dress...actually I don't OWN any dresses, but I enjoyed seeing all the neat fashions!

    Thanks for a terrific link.




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