Sunday, 20 October 2013

Word Garlands

 When I was I child I didn't enjoy going into the Imperial Market in Rotherham. In the middle of the building was an antiques stall, presided over by an old stern looking lady with jet black hair and her scarey looking dolls.

 But that terror has gone now, so come inside!

 The old antique shop is still there.

 But now it's a vintage craft centre -The Button Tin.

Everywhere you look there are amazing decorations.

 We went to a workshop to make 'Word Garlands'.
 To make a word garland, first chose a story.
Then write down three words from the story onto strips of paper.

 Chose some material.

Using the paper strip as a template, cut out a fabric strip.

 Write on one of your chosen words onto the strip of fabric.

 Can you guess which story Reuben's words came from?

 Repeat the process with co-ordinating fabric.

 Jemima chose a spotty-pink-strawberry theme.
Once you have made and written on the three strips of fabric,
embroider over the words.

Finally cut out some more strips of fabric, 
to hang between the words and complete the garland.
Ribbon can also be cut to length and used similarly to fill out the garland.
Gemma from the button tin finished off the garlands for us
by sewing the pieces together.

 The finished Gruffalo garland.

 Rosanna's Sleeping Beauty garland.

 For this we used a mixture of fabric and ribbon strips.

Our word birds are also on display.
If you like these ideas, you might also like story in a jar.


  1. That's a beautiful idea and very effective. I can see my bag of old clothes being put to very good use.

  2. Awesome craft idea, they look so bright, and I love the addition of words. Could be used for just about any occasion too, not only stories. I love that he chose The Gruffalo, it's a favourite of ours at the moment :)

  3. I found you via the link up and am following! I can't wait to take a look around. Where is Rotherham? It looks like a neat little place.

    1. Rotherham is in South Yorkshire, UK.
      It's a small town which suffered decline in recent years, but now on the up!

  4. What a beautiful idea must try to remember this when my grandsons are old enough

  5. What a great idea and so creative ~ fun post and love the photos ~ glad you had a great time ~ carol, xx

  6. What a great idea! I love the banners and the idea of decorating them with words.

  7. it looks another world, like harry potter's world maybe. the piano so cute.

    have a great day.

  8. A simply wonderful idea! I am really happy I came over. Have a happy Thursday and enjoy the weekend too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I was going to put together a paper banner for my daughter's room - I love the idea of a word banner!!

  10. The garlands are cool and a reminder of a fun time together!
    great idea!
    What a fun painted piano!

    1. The piano is gorgeous, it's actually fabric.
      It might do a blog post dedicated to the piano!

  11. Fun and creative use of words and crafting for the kids!

  12. Amazing Beccy, thank you for sharing, I think Jasmin will love to have a go at these. The Button Tin looks fab. love Debsxxx

    1. Hi Debs,
      I thought you'd enjoy this activity.
      Have fun making the garlands.
      Beccy x

  13. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. If you make a word garland let me know and I'll come and look at it on your blog.

  14. Thanks for sharing, what a fun and creative adventure, the market is a lovely treasure for the community to appreciate

  15. Wow! This is wonderful!

    Such a clever and fun idea.

    Wouldn't it be neat for a baby or wedding shower?

    I enjoyed seeing this creativity.

    And that wonderful shop.

    Thank you for sharing!




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