Friday, 23 July 2010

Subway, time travel & arrows

After packing up the girls bedroom for moving, they were left with only a few things to play with. The bookcase quickly became a shop, but it was a bit random. Jemima thought that 'Mary Queen of shops' would not be impressed, so they made a cafe.
Jemima setting up her cafe, based on subway's.You can choose a slice of toast, a drink and a snack.

My order of 3/4 butter 1/4 jam toast (to share with Rosanna, not because I'm a difficult customer).

The kids then got into the empty wardrobe and time travel began...

Arriving in the medieval period.

Reuben riding a medieval horse, around the fire. The fire was used to warm up the arrows before shooting them from the window.
Girls making silver goblets since King James stole the gold.
Time to travel back to 2010 and carry on with the packing.

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