Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Only Smarties have the answer...

 The girls were looking at equations with unknowns, e.g 2x+5=9
I used smarties to replace the x in the equations. 
So I'd put 2 smarties(on the paper) +5 =9.
And posed the question, what is each smartie worth? 
Answer 2

 Next the girls, gave each colour of smartie a value and then wrote an equation, replacing the smartie with a letter.
For example, if they'd used blue smarties, they then wrote an equation with b.
5B + 12 =62, 
So the blue smartie had been given a value of 10.

 With Reuben and Rosanna, I did smartie addition and subtraction.

 Repeating patterns.


 Symmetrical patterns.

 My husband had never heard the phrase 'Only smarties have the answer'
Do you remember this ad from the 90's?

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  1. Love math with candy! We did simple addition with M&M's this year.... Love that it can be used with harder math!



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