Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Werewolves of Rotherham - Song writing workshop with Ray Hearne.

Today we went on a song writing workshop with
Rotherham folk singer Ray Hearne.

 The session began with a magic spell song.
Then a brain storming session firstly to find
 a magical creature to write a song about.
A long list was compiled and then werewolf was chosen.
Next more brainstorming.
What does the werewolf look like?
Where does it live?
Who is it?
After this everyone went off to write a four line verse.

 Reuben and my mum writing their verses for the song.

 Ray Hearne giving us some writing tips!

Compiling the final song...

The kids sang the chorus all the way home on the bus!


  1. what a fun creative way to enjoy some family time...

  2. Sadly could not play videos this is yet another great idea

  3. Love music ~ so good for the soul ~ fun post and pics of family ~ thanks, carol xx

  4. Fun, fascinating and simply wonderful! I am happy to share here! Thank you and enjoy the weekend.

  5. I thought it was Werewolves in London.... lol... love hearing the kids sing along in the video.

  6. You do the coolest things!

    Music is definitely good for the soul!

    And wonderful for the spirit!

    Thanks for sharing another great idea!

    PS. I couldn't make the clip play but I really enjoyed the pictures!




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