Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ladybird Labour: Call the midwife!

It was one of those phone conversations I didn't want to have, 'what are the girls doing?'. Shall I lie, and say they are playing the piano, practising French, but no I told the truth.

They are taking photos of mating ladybirds!
It's not because I felt embarrassed,
it's more that home education often looks very different to school.

This led onto a whole new role as they cared for the pregnant ladybird.
Here she is on her birthing ball!

Trying out the birthing pool

There was even talk of an epidural!
The girls wondered if the eggs were layed in the birthing pool,
that maybe they would be able to swim at birth, and so a discussion about evolution.

Later that week out came the Playmobil hospital.

and an heated debate as to which position is best to give birth!

The girls came into the labour suite shortly after I'd given birth to Reuben, they were 5 & 7 at the time. Two years later when I gave birth to Rosanna, they asked if this time they could see the baby after everything had been cleaned up!


  1. It's a good way to explain some of life's mysteries. Now there are certain things you won't need to find embarrassing to explain when they are teenagers. :)

  2. Truly everything in life can be a lesson.

  3. what a delightful post of nature and human nature and Love ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. How interesting. As a former teacher I have to admire the work you put into getting this together for the girls.

  5. Hah! That's funny!!! Love the cute ladybug story and their hospital. What great doctors you have there!

  6. what a great post! and, by the way, that is one gorgeous little baby in the photo.

  7. What a lovely L post and what adarlingnbaby you have there.

  8. The ladybug looks like she had excellent health care!

  9. What interesting lessons they are learning!


  10. I love their inquisitiveness and creativity!

  11. Better than birds and bees. I can see birds and ladybugs. I think that is great that they learned something so important in such an innocent way.

  12. Good life lesson for the young ones. I really enjoyed this today. I hope you will visit. I was too late to link with Jenny for AT! But I can never stop posting. I enjoy it so much! Have a terrific week!

  13. I can hardly write this. I am laughing so hard over the birthing ball picture!

    That would be the cutest pregnancy card!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely, creative and curious family with us.

    Birthing ball! Still chuckling!


  14. Too cute and funny! I loved your post and how you educated the girls, especially the part at the end. --- Jaime from



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