Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Macdonald's Monopoly millions

We were all feeling so tired today, I don't think we've adjusted to the clocks going forward. So after the girls skating lesson, we parked and walked along to Trans Pennine trail and went to Macdonalds. Comfort food was needed!

A new promotion has started at Macdonalds: 'Monopoly millions', so we began collecting the properties.
We were so excited to get Park Lane, half way there to £50,000. There is a very chatty assistant in our Macdonalds. Joking, I told her we were so near to winning the 50K.
And this is where today's maths lesson started ...
She explained to me and the girls how the game worked: there are 10 prizes of £50,000. So, there are loads of Park Lane tickets, but only 10 Mayfair tickets. Halfway in property isn't halfway in probability. Penny drops, a real eureka moment. I then got the girls to explain how the other property prizes would work.
I love home education, and I also love...

Creme egg McFlurry!

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